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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you allowed to bring your own horse to compete on?

Yes, students are allowed and encouraged to bring their own horse for the eventing team. The eventing team rides their own horses during competitions because we are not affiliated with Auburn’s other equestrian programs and do not ride the university’s horses.

Where does the team board their horses?

Most of the members board their horses at various barns in the Auburn/Opelika area. A majority of our team boards at Flint Hill Farms, Bright Farms, Silver Lining, and H & G Horse Quarters. For more information, fill out a contact form.

Can you keep your horse on campus?

No, the Auburn equestrian center is reserved for Auburn’s NCAA Equestrian Team; however, there are many local barns close to campus.

Are you required to have your own horse to compete / be on the team?

No, you do not have to own a horse to be on the team. You can join as a non-compete member, or we can help you find a horse to lease once you get to Auburn.

Do I have to try out to be on the team?

No, anyone can be a member of the team as long as you are a current student at Auburn University, pay dues, and maintain in good standing with the team.

Can I receive an athletic scholarship for the Eventing Team?

No, we do not offer any scholarships currently. We are a club through Auburn University and are not affiliated with Auburn Athletics.

Are team members required to take lessons with a team trainer?

It is up to you whether you want to take lessons with a trainer or not. We do not have a team trainer so you are allowed to lesson with whomever you desire. We do host between 3-4 clinics per semester for members to participate in with various upper level trainers; however, participation is optional.

Which shows does the team compete at?

We regularly go to the Poplar Place Farms and Chattahoochee Hills Eventing team challenges, both of which are less than two hours from Auburn’s campus. Some other events that team members travel to include Pine Top, River Glenn, Ocala, Rocking Horse, Majestic Oaks, and Grand Oaks. We also send teams to the Intercollegiate National Championships every year.

Can I donate my horse to the Auburn Eventing Team?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to accept donations of horses. Riders use their own horses to compete on the team.

Can I meet with a team member when I come for a campus visit?

Yes! Fill out a contact form and we will get in touch to schedule a meeting. We are always happy to talk to incoming students about joining the team!

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